Sample Letter To School Board

Sample Letter To School Board. I am a parent and I am committed to my daughter and all young people receiving responsible sexuality education that includes medically accurate information about both abstinence and contraception. I was outraged when I heard that the Board of Education is considering replacing comprehensive sexuality education courses at our high school with ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

Sample Letter To School Board. Research shows that teaching both abstinence and contraception is the most effective sexuality education for young people. Youth who receive this kind of education are more likely to initiate sexual activity later in life and to use protection correctly and consistently when they do become sexually active. Furthermore, evaluation of comprehensive sexuality education has found that such programs delay the onset of intercourse, reduce the frequency of intercourse, reduce the number of sexual partners, and increase condom and contraceptive use. And these programs do not encourage teens to begin sexual activity. In short, responsible sexuality education programs work!


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