Sample Letter Firing Attorney


Sample Letter Firing Attorney. One of the hardest things I had discovered running my company was drafting an Employee Manual. Also added to the stress was the fact that if you made a mistake someone could sue you and you might lose all your hard work and money that you had earned through blood, sweat and tears as an entrepreneur. You will need an employee manual for your company to protect yourself; but where do you start?

Sample Letter Firing Attorney. Here is a sample Outline, I prepared for our franchise company, which can help you. After you have addressed all the issues in this outline you may wish to have it reviewed for legal clarity as the wording in a manual can mean life or death in a court of law. No matter how you feel about the issue, if you do not pay attention to the details in your Employee Manual you might find yourself in the poor house due to a vindictive employee with a ruthless attorney. Here is the sample outline;

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