Sample Hardship Letter To Creditors

Sample Hardship Letter To Creditors.
Debt Negotiation. Some of the sample letters will help you obtain alternate repayment plans and permanent reduced settlements. It is best that your initial contact with a creditor (or debt collector) be by telephone, so use the letters afterwards and only after reading the information. You can glean what you should say to them from the sample letters offered below. Always follow-up your telephone conversation with a letter setting forth what was discussed over the phone and which sets forth the terms of the agreement made over the phone. To protect yourself, you might want to send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested (particularly if you’re dealing with a bill collector).

Sample Hardship Letter To Creditors. If your trying to get a reduced settlement or alternate payment arrangement, you will get better results if you disclose information that convinces them that accepting your proposed agreement is the best thing for them. Such proof would be a pink slip or other proof of unemployment; a doctor’s report that you have a serious or terminal illness or at least a long-term illness that has left you in serious financial trouble; or proof that you have suffered a permanent decline in income.


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