Sample Cover Letter Format


Sample Cover Letter Format. A cover letter, as used in the job-hunting context is a document that is supposed to provide an introduction to the resume or curriculum vitae, which are the basic document employed when marketing one's own services to a potential employer. In the traditional way of doing things (when job hunters used 'hard copy' applications), the 'cover letters' was typically attached on top of the curriculum vitae or resume, thereby typically serving a cover in the literal sense of the word, to the Curriculum vitae or resume; and it is probably from this fact that it probably got its name 'cover letter'.

Sample Cover Letter Format. Objectively speaking, in that arrangement, the letters used to serve as a 'cover' - that is, or the front page, to the whole job-hunting document, which apart from incorporating the curriculum vitae or resume, typically also tended to enclose certified copies of ones academic and professional credentials.

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