Sample Collection Letters Past Due Accounts


Sample Collection Letters Past Due Accounts. Virginia Express Law requires that we create every attempt to collect later amounts owed to the college or university. If your payment in full is simply not received in our office with the due date above, your accounts will be placed with a selection agency and you will be responsible for virtually any collection costs incurred for a price of one-third of the complete due.
Debt Set Off: A high level00 Virginia resident/business, your overdue account can be collected completely from income tax refunds or even other refunds due through the state.

We had sent a reminder before to ensure that you the actual payment on time, but there is no response to that from the end. You are a valuable client for our firm and we would like to continue to serve you diligently. To keep healthy relations, we ask for you to please clear your own personal overdue within the next 10 days and nights by the 30th of Mar at the latest. If for almost any reason you cannot make the whole payment at one proceed, then please contact us in 3 days so that we are able to decide upon part time payment conditions which are mutually acceptable in order to both the parties. The purpose of this specific email is to follow up with anyone regarding payment, we truly appreciate doing business with you during the past, but accordingly to our brand new rule you are requested to be able to please make the payment with 30 days, according to your journal please clear remits, in case any!

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