Promotion Recommendation Letter Sample

Promotion Recommendation Letter Sample. Most significant graduate recruiters respect these types of guidelines and are unlikely in order to specify a deadline intended for acceptance of any present made before the start of the Springtime term. You should, though, nevertheless acknowledge receipt of the give, saying that, although you might be unable to give a definite selection at present, you are still quite interested in the job, but want to have a little extra time before you decide to commit to them. You should also provide the employer an indication of once they can expect to hear your ultimate decision. This tactic does carry the danger that the employer might just take away the offer if it is not really accepted in what they respect as a reasonable time. In case the employer is a regular employer of large numbers of graduates, this particular risk may not be so great but also in highly competitive fields, for example advertising and merchant banking, you will have to consider very seriously be it worth running. You have completed well to get this initial offer, but how self-confident are you that others follows – and if they do, can they be significantly much better?

While a high salary or even a “golden hello” may be very attractive to a new graduate packed with student debt, look at the longer-term prospects too. An company paying a slightly lower beginning salary may have a higher possibility of longer-term earnings. Issues like job satisfaction, training and private development opportunities are more crucial in the long run than salary levels. Finally, career decisions aren’t usually scientific. When teachers are asked why that they chose their first boss the reply is very frequently “they seemed the most friendly of the companies that provided me a job” and seldom regret making a decision on this foundation. So just following your current instincts may be the best strategy!


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