Notarized Letter Sample

Notarized Letter Sample. I recently saw a post from a parent who had been caught off guard traveling internationally with her children–and without the other parent. Like many parents planning solo travel with their child, she thought the passports were enough and had no idea she would need an extra document–a notarized “letter of consent fora minor to travel”–from the other parent in order to take her own child(ren) out of the country.

Notarized Letter Sample. Here is a sample letter of consent you can customize and have notarized if needed for your child’s next international trip. As you can see, it’s pretty simple and straightforward, and it includes a clause giving permission to the “trip custodian” to authorize any necessary routine or emergency medical treatment during the trip—which is especially recommended when a child will be traveling without either parent (eg. with the grandparents).


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