Executive Mba Recommendation Letter Sample

Executive Mba Recommendation Letter Sample. MIT Sloan is the ‘just the facts’ business school. They stopped asking about your post-MBA goals years ago, because they only respect evidence of applicants’ demonstrated excellence, for instance a performance evaluation.

Executive Mba Recommendation Letter Sample. Its MBA recommendation letter essay fits smoothly within that tradition. Unlike Kellogg’s late, lamented ‘provide a brief evaluative assessment of your file’ essay, MIT Sloan isn’t inviting you to engage in narcissistic self-marketing here. You’re being asked to view yourself as your supervisor would in a performance evaluation. You want this recommendation letter-essay to ring true, though not necessarily because Sloan will be able to compare your letter to the actual letter your current supervisor writes or their performance evaluation. Indeed, you may want to get strategic and allow this recommendation letter-essay to stand in for an actual letter from your supervisor.


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