Affidavit Of Support Sample Letter


Affidavit Of Support Sample Letter. As you know I am seeking Permanent Residence status in Ontario, Canada through the Family Class immigration category. I am technically called a "Conjugal Partner" (nice and descriptive, isn't it?) and XXXX is my Sponsor. As part of the immigration application we are required to provide evidence that we are indeed a genuine couple. This includes written correspondence, passport stamps from visits to see each other, plane ticket stubs, photos, etc. We are also required to document the history of our relationship (which was kind of a fun exercise).

Affidavit Of Support Sample Letter. An important part of this evidence of genuine coupledom/coupleship, whatever you want to call it, is documentation from family and friends. My brother and his wife have agreed to make sworn testimony on our behalf, but from reading Canadian immigration blogs it appears that the more documentary evidence we can provide from external sources the more likely our application will be approved swiftly, or at least not denied on this basis.

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